Services Provided By No Swet Golf

At NO SWET GOLF I assemble custom fit components, not clubs. Clubs are for cavemen; components are for golfers. I take each of the three components and custom fit them to your particular swing. The grip is sized to your hand. The shaft is selected after evaluating your particular swing speed and tempo. The correct loft for your driver is determined by the use of a launch monitor. By finding the best loft, your distance will be maximized.

At NO SWET GOLF, "Be Fit To A Tee"
  • Re-grip shafts
  • Replace broken shafts
  • Change shafts and heads
  • Lengthen or shorten shafts
  • Match new shafts to heads
  • Adjust the loft/lie of irons
  • Dynamic fitting sessions on the driving range
  • Perform static swing weight adjustment
  • Align shaft spin with head’s center of gravity
  • Measure ball distance with launch monitor and software
  • Measure swing speed and tempo
  • Frequency Matching Shafts
  • Maximize your distance
  • Hit a more consistent shot
  • Eliminate your slice/hook
  • Have all clubs swing the same
  • Possess better control of your game
  • Obtain consistent distance between clubs
  • Enjoy the game more
Play with a new set of custom clubs or have your current clubs retro fitted.