Steps Taken To Find Out The Swing Characteristics Of The Golfer

In order to properly fit the golf clubs to you, I need some information. The following steps will get us there:
  1. Interview: This will involve a discussion about your golf game.
  2. Finding the right club length.
    • Using different length shafts and impact stickers we can determine what the best club length is for a particular golfer.
  3. Swing speed and tempo.
    • While hitting balls, I will be checking both your swing speed and tempo using a dipolar radar device.
  4. Picking the proper shaft: Once we know swing speed, tempo and swing style we can now work on finding the best shaft.
    • Using different interchangeable shafts we can determined which shaft best fits your swing.
  5. Now that we know the proper shaft, we start to add weights to both the head and butt section to see if it helps or not. If it helps it will noted. If it doesn’t we leave it where the club feels best.
  6. For Woods: we need to find the most effective loft for the driver. For this we need to know the angle of attack of the golfer. Once we have this, and we know the swing speed, this information is fed into a computer. Then different lofts are fed into the computer, this information will show us the best loft to gain the most yardage for the golfers particular swing style and speed.