Steps For Building The Perfect Club(s) To Fit you To A Tee

Golf clubs are not manufactured to each golfers specific swing style or body type. With NO SWET GOLF, each golf club, or set of clubs, is fitted and assembled to meet your specific swing and body type. This assures you, the golfer, that the clubs are fit so you play with consistency.

Golfers, be aware, there are no standards in the golf club industry. In general, club heads, shafts and grips must confirm to USGA guidelines, but the specifications of length, lie, loft, and shaft flex is left up to each of the many different manufacturers, and they all have their own set of standards. The question is, do you know if you fit into their standards?

The 16 steps NO SWET GOLF uses to build the Perfect Golf Clubs for you:
  1. Start with an interview to get information about your game.
  2. Fitting session at my shop to establish what specs to build your clubs to.
  3. Weigh shaft, grips and sort according to weight. Lightest for the long irons, heaviest for the short irons.
  4. Weight heads: to ensures the weight difference between each head meets spec.
  5. Zone Frequency shafts: to establish the flex pattern of each shaft.
  6. Sort shafts based upon frequency results; softest for the long irons, stiffer for the short irons.
  7. Spine and FLO: to find the natural bend point of the shaft.
  8. Attach heads to shaft (Temporarily); adjust shafts to fit the CPM slop that was established in the Blue Print.
  9. Check club loft and lie to blueprint, adjust (if necessary) for proper loft and lie.
  10. Measure club and butt, trim to proper length.
  11. Match clubs to the MOI/Swing weight that was established during the fitting session.
  12. Install the weight sorted grips.
  13. Ensure the Spine location is in the proper position. Epoxy the heads to the shaft.
  14. Record CPM, swing weight, loft, lie and any other pertinent information on the customers profile sheet.
  15. Have customer test clubs, make any adjustments necessary.
  16. Go out and enjoy a set of clubs that fit you to a tee.