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Welcome to the world of personalized golf club fitting where NO SWET GOLF takes the handicap out of the clubs because they are specially fitted to you. Using golf club components created by world renowned designer Tom Wishon you will be fitted with the proper head, shaft, shaft length, swing weight, lie angle and grip size that fits you best, while taking into consideration your swing style. When the process is completed, you will be playing to the best of your ability and having more fun.

NO SWET GOLF is offering the newest innovation revelation in golf club design: The STERLING Single Length Irons from Wishontm. This set is well suited for golfers who feel very comfortable with their shorter clubs, but struggle a bit with their longer irons. Now you have an option, the traditional length or the single length.

The Sterling, like all custom clubs, can be sold as a full set or any combination. The set can be made up of 5ir-SW or 7-PW or any combination, it all depends how you want your bag set up.

For more information concerning the Sterling please see this Sterling Irons Information Document, and for Tom Wishon go to Tom Wishon Golf Technoloies

No Swet Golf has been serving the golfing needs of Farmington, Avon, Burlington, Simsbury and the greater Hartford area for over 13 years. My custom clubs are competitively priced.

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Tom Wishon Golf Technology